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Trump’s America, as seen from Brexitland A guide to coping with overwhelming political frustration and horror.

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Dear Americans: You have my deepest sympathy. We Remainers are familiar with your plight—the shock, the bewilderment, the vague feeling of dread when you wake each morning. What America is enduring—the triumph of lies and xenophobia over enlightened value—is perhaps even harder to bear than it was in England during Brexit since there is nothing quite as monstrous or false as Donald Trump over here, or anywhere else in Europe. But the Trump victory and Brexit are the result of the same populist insurgency, as many Trump supporters have gleefully pointed out. The Far Right is also on the march in France, Germany, Holland, Austria, and across Eastern Europe, and it has drawn strength from Trump’s victory.

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Can Hillary Re-Invent Herself – Again? Clinton has been at pains this week to prove to a skeptical press and public that there is a new version of herself

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PHILADELPHIA—When Hillary Clinton accepts the Democratic Party’s nomination for president tonight, she will have been a household face in national politics for nearly a quarter of a century—a full generation. In November, there will be millions of first-time presidential voters eligible to cast ballots for her who had yet to be born when she became First Lady. In fact, there will be millions of second-time voters who weren’t alive then, too.

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