God Save the United Kingdom Nearly three months after Brexit, a new—and scary—Britain has emerged. Will it infect all of Europe? Or is it too late?

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Rather than satisfying or calming any xenophobic tendencies, the Brexit vote to leave the European Union, cast 11 weeks ago, has destroyed a lot of trust and good nature in a fairly successful multi-ethnic society. On the very day in which British prime minister Theresa May was reassuring her Polish counterpart, Beata Maria Szydło, that Parliament was doing all it could to stop hate crimes against Polish workers, for instance, a Polish man was reportedly attacked by a mob of 20 teenagers in the northern city of Leeds. This event followed the death of a 40-year-old Pole named Arek Jóźwik, who was allegedly killed by a single punch during an unprovoked attack in the Brexit stronghold of Harlow, near London. Hours after a vigil was held for Mr. Jóźwik, two more Poles were reportedly brutally assaulted in the town.

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  1. I’m surprised you would quote one of the United Nations talking shops on this problem. Do you not know yet that this whole movement is directed against the supranational powers that would dictate to countries with centuries of individual history behind them? One size does not fit all despite airy dreamers like you. Markel sowed the winds and now must reap the hurricanes. The same goes for its hand-wringing tools and useful idiots.

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