Reset LogoYou may wonder about life in Britain since the EU referendum. For a start, how come we have a new Prime Minister without a single vote being cast in the country, or even by the Conservative party membership? And how is it that one of the first acts of that Prime Minister was to shut the climate change department, just as Atlantic ice levels – a key measurement of global warming – hit a record low? You may also wonder why Britain is on course to leave the European Union, why it was possible for so many lies and half-truths to dominate the campaign; or why there’s no influential voice at the centre of British politics to represent the millions who wanted to remain, or indeed the under 35s who voted by a clear majority against Brexit. Or why there is no influential voice to represent the people who voted leave. You may wonder – or even despair – at the loss of acceptance and fair-mindedness in our country, at the upsurge of racism and hate crimes, and the sharp divisions between North and South and between England and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Indeed, you may wonder what has become of us and of our democracy.

Let’s reset

– our relationship with Europe, so that a dishonest campaign does not stand as the defining moment in our relations with our European neighbours.

– our democracy, so that voters have proper representation in a Parliament.

– our attitudes to the increasing social and economic inequalities entrenched under the last three governments so they can be reversed.

– our climate change policies so that they are forever at the heart of British culture and government.

– the relationship between the different parts of the United Kingdom.

– the British constitution so it’s written down and we all have a say in shaping it.

 Let’s reset our future